Large Custom Slate
Large Custom Slate
with SS Powdercoating
Priced per sq ft, min 15 sq st
Delivery Time: 8-10 Weeks
$300.00 Per Sq. Foot


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Product Description
Show off your business with a beautiful stainless steel with powder coat (many colors available!) fountain - with or without LOGO! Add the soothing sounds and high-visibility advertising (logo optional) to your business or home for a great new look!

SIZE - This large fountain can be made in pretty much any width you request and up to up to 72" height. NOTE: Slate slabs are 26" x 60", so most fountains will have vertical seams. Minimum 20 square feet - sizes over 40 square feet subject to additional surcharges. Simply indicate above the exact dimensions you desire, calculate the square footage, then round to the nearest whole number over your footage and place into the Qty box above for calculation of pricing with the options you select! offers a huge selection of waterfalls and fountains, many of which are able to be customized and personalized to suite your individual requirements. Call us at 800-419-1130 if you have questions about this or any other product.

FINISH - Match your own decor colors! We manufacture your frame from 16 gauge stainless steel, then sandblast and powder coat your fountain in whatever color you desire...there are hundreds to select from!

LOGOS are optional, and with this style, we lasar etch your logo into clear tempered glass, mount the panel on stainless steel posts, and place on the slabs. With the top LED lighting, your logo will really pop out!

LIGHTING is included in the base price of this fountain, and we us "wall washer" LED lighting, fixtures are 24" wide each. Fountains less than 48" wide will have one light fixture, over 48" up to 72" will have two, over 72" will have at least three 24" fixtures.

FREE STANDING or WALL MOUNTING styles are both available. Base price is for units up to 40 square feet. Due to cost of reinforcing for hanging larger sizes, there is a surcharge over 40 sq ft. Also, if you wish your fountain to simply sit on the floor, the base is generally deeper out from the wall to establish a larger footprint. That basin contains a larger volume of water and also has a top tray with marble pebbles.

AUTO FILL / DRAIN. A large surface fountain will use quite a bit of water, which is lost to evaporation. Obviously, the hotter and drier the climate, the faster water will be used. We do recommend running a water line to the fountain (an onsite job for you) and even a drain for easy emptying and changing of water. These are optional items, and we can put in the auto fill valves (you or your installer can also do this onsite pretty easily!).

Designed not only to please the eye, but to delight the ear, these fountains have a wonderful combination of materials, hand crafted with a unique patina on the copper, which creates a product with a sophisticated look of shimmering surfaces and lovely textures. When set up in home or office they offer feelings of peaceful tranquility, evidenced by the gentle babble of sparkling water flowing over natural slate. All fountains are complete, including lighting.

Fountains provide the soothing relief of serene water sounds combined with the striking looks of sculpture with moving water. All of our fountains are designed to provide maximum water sound while utilizing whisper quiet pumps. The fountains have a water reservoir that recirculates. All you need is a power outlet and to periodically add water (can include an autofill system). Even the largest of our fountains can be set up by anyone with basic handyperson skills. For further information please contact our sales staff.

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