Large Horizon Falls - Copper Patina
Large Horizon Falls - Copper PatinaWWLHS-CP
Lightweight Slate
33.0'' H x 51.0'' W x 6.0'' D
Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks

Product Description
Large Horizon Falls
Large Size: 33" H x 51.0" W x 6.0" D

Pump Information:
The pump is included with the purchase of this waterfall.

About This Fountain:
This fountain is made with copper and the new lightweight slate. Lightweight slate is a thin layer of genuine Indian slate fused with a pliable surface. This new technology substantially reduces the weight of the fountain and increases design options because of the new flexibility of the slate. These products are easier and less expensive to install as they do not require structural modifications for mounting.

The line explores the fountain genre from table top to large wall fountains. All the fountains are designed for indoor use and many models come with lights. The beauty of these fountains is undeniable. When set up in home or office they offer feelings of peaceful tranquility, evidenced by the gentle babble of sparkling water flowing over natural slate into calming pools. All fountains are complete, including lighting if offered. Just add water and enjoy.

Fountains provide the soothing relief of serene water sounds combined with the striking looks of sculpture with moving water. All of our fountains are designed to provide maximum water sound while utilizing whisper quiet pumps. The fountains have a water reservoir that recirculates. All you need is a power outlet and to periodically add water (larger installations can include an autofill system). Even the largest of our fountains can be set up by anyone with basic handyperson skills.

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