Thermoform Ceiling Tiles

What are the Thermoform Ceiling Tiles made from?
All of our thermoform ceiling tiles are made from a specially formulated vinyl plastic. The tiles designed for grids are 0.013" thick and the direct mount tiles are 0.030" thick.

Why is a thin ceiling tile better?
When you look up at your ceiling, what you see is the face of your ceiling tiles and not it's thickness. Thermoform Ceiling Tiles are much lighter, cleaner and easier to install than conventional tin and mineral fiber ceiling tiles. Their 100% recyclable vinyl construction and nesting design uses 75% less raw material, and they are much more efficient to ship.

Can I paint the Thermoform Ceiling Tiles?
All of our ceiling tiles can be painted before or after installation. Make sure that your ceiling tiles and decorative strips are clean and dry, and experiment on a sample with your paint of choice before painting the ceiling in its entirety. Do not use solvent type thinner or cleaners. Painting voids the Class 1 Fire Rating.

Are your ceiling tiles moisture resistant?
Our vinyl ceiling tiles are extremely moisture resistant. They are unaffected by humidity, and will not absorb water at all.  This is one of the primary advantages of using the thermoform ceiling tiles instead of the traditional ceiling tiles which can be ruined by humidity. These are also the first and only drop ceiling tile ever to meet the stringent GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) indoor air quality standards for low emitting materials! Even in the most humid conditions, the thermoform ceiling tiles will not stain or grow mold, viruses and bacteria that are often one of the main causes of poor indoor air quality.

Can I use recessed (can) lighting with the grid mount ceiling tiles?
Absolutely! Simply install your lights per the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure that the fixtures are supported by your t-bar grid or the framing structure above it. Also be sure to select a ceiling tile style that has a sufficient flat area in the middle to accommodate the light fixture opening and trim ring.

Are the Thermoform Ceiling Tiles fire rated?
Yes!  All of the Thermoform Ceiling Tiles are Class A Fire Rated. In addition to their fire rating, our thermoform grid ceiling tiles are specifically designed and approved for installation under sprinkler systems rated 165°F. In the event of a fire, the ceiling tiles crinkle up and drop out of the t-bar grid, thus clearing the way for the sprinklers to do their jobs. You can, of course, just cut holes in them if you are replacing panels with existing flush-mount sprinkler heads.

Will your ceiling tiles help improve my acoustics?
The Thermoform Ceiling Tiles have not been designed to function as acoustical tiles, but they will improve a room's acoustics. A normal sheet rock ceiling has an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of around 5%, meaning that 5% of the sound coming in contact with it is absorbed and about 95% is reflected. Our ceiling tiles by themselves have an NRC of 25% to 30%, so they absorb 5 to 6 times as much sound as sheet rock.

How do I clean your ceiling tiles?
The ceiling tiles require no special cleaning agents – just wipe with a soft, damp rag. There is no risk of water damage during cleaning and there is no need for scheduled professional cleaning and resurfacing to prevent environmental and aesthetic problems. Small, stubborn spots can be handled with cleaners such as Fantastik® or Windex®.  Cleaners containing organic solvents or other aggressive ingredients should not be used because they may affect the surface appearance of the tile. Examples of such cleaners are chlorine bleach, liquid grease remover, strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents, nail polish remover and furniture polish/cleaners.

What is "edge trim"?
Edge trim refers to those ceiling tiles that run along the border of a ceiling that are less than full sized. In grid mount installations, edge trim results when the border grids are less than 24" x 24". In direct mount installations, edge trim results when the space between the walls and center ceiling tiles is less than 24" x 24".  In situations where installed ceiling tiles need to be less than full size (either grid squares are less than full size, or the space between installed direct mount tiles and walls are less than full size), choose an edge trim design that matches and trim to fit with scissors.

Can I mount these Ceiling Tiles directly to my ceiling?
Only the ceiling tiles designated "Direct Mount Ceiling Tiles" can be installed on the ceiling.  They may be nailed, stapled, screwed or glued directly to your ceiling.  All of the other ceiling tiles in the thermoform tile section are designed for placement in a ceiling grid.

Will the Thermoform Ceiling Tiles lose their shape or discolor over time?
No, you should not see any sagging, warping or discoloration. These ceiling tiles have been on the market and doing well since the 1950's, so you can count on them holding up well for years and years. With any ceiling tiles, the 24" x 24" is more stable than the 24" x 48", so about 90% of all ceiling tile sales sold these days are in the 24" x 24" configuration.  In addition, the vinyl material that is used for these tiles has a special ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent discoloration (just like vinyl siding on a house). And because of their smooth vinyl surface they can easily be cleaned if necessary.

Do I need hold down clips for the grid mount tiles?
Hold down clips are only required in extreme conditions. Any suspended ceiling tile may move if there is a rapid change in the air pressure above and below it. In fact, grid mount ceiling tiles must move to some degree in order for the pressure in a room to equalize. All of the grid mount tiles are subjected to room air pressure testing, and for normal installations most designs do not require hold down clips.

Can your ceiling tiles be used in food preparation and service areas?
Yes. The thermoform ceiling tiles are FDA compliant for use in food preparation and service areas.

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