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Two Piece Ceiling Medallion Installation - Start to Finish

All of our polyurethane ceiling medallions are a single piece, but if you would like to have one split for your project just call our office at 1-800-419-1130 and we can split them for $5 with our band saw. Split medallions may not be returned, so please read the complete instructions before ordering a split medallion.

After installing a ceiling medallion in my son's bedroom, my wife and I liked it so much that I decided to install one in our master bedroom to compliment our plain crown molding. We had a ceiling fan already installed in our bedroom, so normally I would have removed the fan, installed the medallion, and then replaced the fan in the same way I did my son's Ceiling Medallion Installation. I wondered though how I might do it if I had a large chandelier or ceiling fan which couldn't be removed so I decided to give it a try by splitting my EM0604 Ceiling Medallion and installing it as two pieces. To split the medallion I used a commercial band saw which has a 1/16 inch blade thickness (a table saw would have worked as well, but the blade is about twice as thick so you lose a bit more from the medallion).

I started by unscrewing the canopy of the ceiling fan to reveal the mounting bracket. I needed to create enough room under the mounting bracket to slide the medallion underneath. I removed one of the 1.25” long bolts that was holding the ceiling fan in place and replaced it with a 2 ½” bolt and screwed it in just far enough to where it would support the fan. I then removed the second 1 ¼” bolt and replaced it with another 2 ½” bolt. This left a gap of 1 ¼” between the mounting bracket and the ceiling which was just enough space to slide in the two parts of the medallion.

I dry fitted the two parts of the medallion to make sure they would come together properly. The distance between the bolts was a little larger than the hole size of the medallion so I cut a ¼” notch in the sides of the hole to make enough room for the bolts. The two parts where then able to come together like I needed. After dry fitting the medallion, I applied polyurethane adhesive to the back of both parts of the medallion and then put just a thin bead in-between on the seam where the parts would come together (you only want a thin bead on the seam or you won't be able to get it pressed together). Once the adhesive was in place I applied each part to the ceiling and then pressed them together and aligned them so they came together evenly.

I allowed the adhesive to set for 4-5 hours before continuing the project to make sure that I didn't ruin the alignment of the two parts when completing the rest of the installation. After it was fully set, I tightened the bolts on the mounting bracket. There were some small gaps between the two pieces so I used a spackling compound on the seam (picture to left is after I filled the seam but before sanding). After letting that dry, I sanded it with fine grit sandpaper. Even before painting the medallion the seam had disappeared.

The only negative part about doing the installation in this manner is that I had to paint the medallion at the end. It is much easier to paint a medallion prior to installation, but since I was installing it as a two part medallion I had to tape the ceiling, paint the medallion, and then clean off the tape.

To finish off the medallion I used white painter's caulk (DAP) and put a little bead around the medallion where it met with the ceiling. Then I used my finger to smooth the line and wiped any excess off with a slightly damp rag. Project Complete!

Total time spent on project: 1 Hour

Total time between start and finish due to time between steps: About 6 Hours

If you have a ceiling fixture that would be difficult to remove then this type of installation is definitely an option. If you have the choice though, I would suggest removing the fixture, installing the medallion, and then replacing the fixture. By doing it that way the actual installation of the medallion will only take about 20-30 minutes. You can read more about a typical Ceiling Medallion Installation

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