View of the Kremlin from the Krimsky Bridge in the Inclement Weather
View of the Kremlin from the Krimsky Bridge in the Inclement Weather Savrasov Gallery
Alexey Savrasov
Oil on Canvas
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View of the Kremlin from the Krimsky Bridge in the Inclement Weather - By Alexey Savrasov

A hand-painted reproduction Oil on Canvas of the original work by Alexey Savrasov. Hand painted museum-quality reproduction oil painting on canvas.

About the Artist:
Alexey Kondratyevich Savrasov is one of the Russia's most remarkable landscape painters, the originator of the so-called 'mood landscape'. Savrasov was born into the family of a merchant. In 1850 he began to specialize in landscape painting. His introduction to English landscape painting was most influential. The Rooks Have Come (1871) is considered by many critics to be the highest point in Savrasov's artistic career. Using a common, even trivial, episode of birds returning home, and an extremely simple landscape, Savrasov managed to show very emotionally the transition of nature from winter to spring. It was a new type of lyrical landscape painting, called later by critics 'the mood landscape'. The picture made his name famous. The misfortunes in his personal life, may be dissatisfaction with his artistic career were the reason of his tragedy - he became an alcoholic. All attempts of his relatives and friends to help him were in vain. The last years of his life Savrasov led the life of a pauper, wandering from welter to welter. Only the doorkeeper of the School of Painting and Pavel Tretyakov (the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery) were present at his funeral.

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This painting is available in 6 sizes, ranging from the base size 16" x 20" up to 48" x 72". The actual measurements will be to scale of the original shown. Select the size from the menu that closest matches the size you are requesting. Hence, if you want a painting 24" wide, select from the menu the size 24" x 36" for pricing. However, the actual painting will be scaled using 24" as the width and be whatever the scale indicates, not 36".

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